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Designed to inspire, or inspired to design?

Warning: This page contains graphic information which may be suitable for your career.

Bring good ideas to visual masterpieces.

Do you know how many advertisements you’ve seen today? Digital marketing experts estimate that the average American is exposed to thousands of advertisements in a day. Of those you’ve only remembered half, and even fewer made an impression on you. And of those few, you probably remembered them because they had great design. That’s the challenge of a graphic designer or multimedia specialist - making images and content that are memorable and impactful. Whether designing an ad, logo, brochure or poster, your ability to create great design is valuable to many companies and organizations.

Digital Media Design Technology is perfect for you if you have a passion for art, media and technology. You’ll learn techniques in graphic design and editing, multimedia, videography and photography. Put away your brushes and pens as you learn to use the Adobe Creative Suite to create your designs. With these skills you could find a career in marketing, television, print and more. Design a better future for yourself while showcasing your creative talents. You know you’ve got the eye for it.

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